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Spotify vs. Pandora: Tale of the Tape

spotify vs pandoraBeginning with last week's "Your iOS eReader App and You" , powerslyde is going to take a weekly look at how some of the most popular apps are used and influenced by the presence of other apps on mobile devices.

This week's match-up features the two music service heavyweights on iOS, Spotify and Pandora. The tale of the tape as it applies to these favorite apps is the story of what other apps the owners of these are most likely to also have on their devices.

A couple of the top level trends indicate that Pandora owners are more likely to have the upstart challenger iHeartRadio and Spotify listeners are far more likely to be users of the Chrome web browser.

Click on the image below and then select Spotify or Pandora to view the top 25 most influential apps, from bigger to smaller that are most likely to appear.

infographic spotify vs. pandora(2) - Edited

Stop by next week when we have a look at a couple of the most popular weather apps on iOS.