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Stories Behind the Apps

Stories Behind the Apps: Everypost


What is Everypost? Everypost is an app that allows you to post on all social media networks at once.  Our app connects to Facebook (Personal & Business pages), Twitter, LinkedIn (Personal & Business pages), Google+ (Personal & Business pages), Pinterest, Tumblr, Dropbox, and email. This app makes it easier to get your message across, because you don’t have to sign onto each platform.  You can also customize the message for each network with a simple flick of the finger – so you can and hashtags for Twitter, an image for Tumblr, etc.

everypost teamWho is on the team and what are your roles? The team is Fernando Cuscuela, Co-Founder and CEO, Leandro Armas, Co-Founder and CPO, Ezequiel Aceto, CTO and Senior Developer, Luciano Salvino, Senior Developer, and Fernando Lopez, UX Senior Designer.

How is the app different from similar apps?  Our app helps people communicate faster and more efficiently on social media.  Using Everypost, you can post to multiple social media platforms at once.  However, unlike our competitors, you have post-by-post control, allowing you to customize each post for each of your social networks, allowing you to publish unique content all-at-once.

unnamed-1Tell us about the design. We based our design concept around Apple’s culture of simplicity. The user interface of Everypost is a flat design focused on being easy to use and offering a great user experience.

What assisted you in building the app? Our users have always been behind our continuous improvements to the app and we have focused on regular communication with our users since the very beginning of Everypost. We believe this is the best way to make products that are really usable and productive.

What lessons did you learn building the app?  When your users are one of your number one resources it is extremely important to answer every email, create surveys and even talk by phone with those users. This has been one of the best tools we have used because if there is a need that your users need fulfilled, they will certainly tell you.

nexusae0_Everypost12What went right and wrong with the release? With the development and release I believe we took too much time at the beginning trying to make things perfect. The first release is going to have errors, bugs, and lot of things to change. You must learn from your users but also offer them a Minimal Viable Product in which the only variable to keep is CHANGE.

What was the team doing prior to EverypostBefore launching Everypost, Fernando Cuscuela Co-Founded creative digital and social media marketing agency, ClickBunker.  Leandro Armas founded Dos al Cubo, the leading CMS company in Argentina and Latin America.  Ezequiel Aceto founded Xenat, an embedded systems and mobile application company.  Lucianno Salvino founded HuertaJardin, a site where people can learn how to grow a garden in the most efficient way. Fernando Lopez was formerly the Art Director for Unlimited Distribution in Argentina.

What are some of your other favorite apps? The apps that we love and use on a daily basis are Evernote for note-taking and reminders.  We use Mailbox app to manage our emails and AnalyticPro to access Google Analytics directly from our phones.  Another great app is Clear, to make to do lists and stay organized.

Head over to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download Everypost.

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