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Powerslyde Profiles – Stories Behind The Apps: Dots


Hey Steven – tell us about your app! Dots is a simple puzzle game with a heavy focus on the look and feel of the game.  We wanted to create something beautiful and interactive.

It's the #1 game in 21 countries and a top 5 iphone app in 30 countries.  Due to the popularity of Dots, I’d say you’ve accomplished that!  Was this a team project? Dots launched as a one person project and has expanded to a seven person team after our unexpected growth.

How does Dots differ from other puzzle games in the app stores?  Dots harkens back to classic board games, accessible to everyone, with a clean, simple aesthetic and gameplay that attracts players of all types.

mzl.zywgzfrgThe icon is simple yet quite striking.  Tell me about it.  We drew inspiration from fine art world.  Particularly an artist named Yayoi Kusama.  Kusama's work shows that beautiful things can be fun and playful.  I wanted to take that approach and apply it to a mobile game.

What process and/or people inspired or assisted you in creating the app?  Cocos2d and the resources readily available on the web were integral to creating Dots.  Other than that, it was just a bit of hard work and a lot of luck.

What lessons did you learn building your app?  Before starting the project, I had never done any game development.  So, being able to go from zero to development solely based on the Cocos2d communities offerings was really great. Dots-is-probably-the-most-addictive-game-of-2013-Since-this-awesome-app-was-released-millions-are-spending-hours-connecting-dots-trying-to-out-score-their-friends.

What went right and wrong with the development and release?   Developing for iOS only at the beginning helped keep the project scope manageable.  However, shortly after releasing Dots we had people on Android asking for it, so were racing to get it developed.  We found a great company called Apportable that helped convert our code into native Android code.  It worked out, but in retrospect, I would have had a clearer plan in place to move to Android.

What were you and the team doing before you created Dots?  Interestingly enough, none of us were in games.  All of the team came from other fields (animation, web development).  We're still learning a lot, but enjoying the chance to give it a try.

Time to share what your favorite guilty pleasure apps are.  We love Letterpress and AngryBirds!  Also Tetris!

Hey you!  Wanna be featured like our friends at Dots? Be sure to check out www.powerslyde.com/developers.


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