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There are millions of mobile apps in the app store. How do you discover the right ones for you? Powerslyde helps you find the right apps for you with a little help from your friends. Receive personal app recommendations, automatically see when your friends add new apps, and share apps with your friends with one swipe.

Stories Behind the Apps

Your eReader iOS App and You

"You are what you eat." my mom used to say often when I was young. I didn't understand at first, but as I got older the truth in that statement was clear.

"You are what is on your mobile device" is what I tell my mom these days. After installing powerslyde on her iPhone, she asked an interesting question "What is the difference between iBooks app, the Nook app and the Amazon Kindle app?"

Besides the obvious answer that each has their own stores to purchase books through, I was excited to tell her about the differences between the users of these apps in a whole new light.

Click on the below infographic to explore a unique way of looking at the users of the big 3 eReaders and what apps most often appear alongside the eReader. Selecting the eReader will bring up the top 25 most influential apps for each.

infographic (1)

From our observations we note a few interesting trends:

  • iBooks users are big supporters of the Chrome Web browser app and like to game
  • Nook users tend to be Pinterest users, consumers of broacast news and least likely to be a gamer
  • Kindle users thrive with the big social platforms as heavy influencers and more likely to use LInkedin

powerslyde is going to be regularly showcasing new and different ways of looking at apps on mobile devices. If you have ideas for apps to look at let us know!