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There are millions of mobile apps in the app store. How do you discover the right ones for you? Powerslyde helps you find the right apps for you with a little help from your friends. Receive personal app recommendations, automatically see when your friends add new apps, and share apps with your friends with one swipe.

Stories Behind the Apps

The Stories That Apps Tell

Here at Mobilebeat 2013 there are alot of mobile analytics, ads and data companies touting some fantastic products and services to help app developers. One thing that has become clear is that noone is providing the unique insights into apps and how they are influenced by the presence of other apps on a person's mobile device, as powerslyde does.

As part of Mobilebeat, we have released three new Appclouds around popular news apps, cloud storage apps and movie apps. Click on any of the images to go to the dynamic infographic and learn what insights powerslyde reveals.

CNN vs. BBC vs. NY Times

Infographic: iOS News Apps: Which is Your Trusted Source? | Infogram


Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Infographic: iOS Storage Wars: Dropbox vs Google Drive | Infogram

Fandango vs. Movies by Flixster





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