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Stories Behind the Apps

Stories Behind the Apps – Posture Aware


Tell us about your app! Posture Aware was designed to improve postural awareness and develop new posture habits.  Posture impacts so many facets of our health, like our ability to breath, and how well we age. We really wanted to try and create something that would assist people with improving their posture, and ultimately with how they look and feel.

How is Posture Aware different from similar apps?  Posture Aware contains several features to help improve your posture, including step by step instructions for numerous exercises, examples of correct and incorrect posture positions, an alarm to motivate and remind you to correct your posture, and the ability to track your progress over time through photo analysis.  There are other apps out there that do some of these things, but there aren't any apps that provide all of these features within one application.   Also unique to Posture Aware is an embedded printable prescription that allows therapists and trainers to tailor an exercise program specifically for their clients.  Posture Aware was designed with input from physical therapist professionals, and it helps to improve your awareness, strength and mobility, all within one application..

PA.appTileWhat went into the design and UI?  This application was first being designed when iOS7 was being released, so we created a lot of the UI to fit in with what Apple was doing at the time.  We decided to create the app with a flat and icon based look, rather than one filled with gradients and embossing.  Also, we strove to create a look and feel that let the User know that Posture Aware is a health related application.   The app icon was developed from the logo.  In the middle of the Posture Aware logo is an outline of someone demonstrating proper posture.  We just shortened the words Posture Aware to PA, kept the outline in-between the P and A, and voila, an app icon was created.

60873_592248597511758_762978927_n (1)What tools did you use in building the app? The usual suspects.  Apple's developer tools.  Macs.  We query StackOverflow with questions all the time when we need a quick answer on something.  We love the Wacom tablet for UI design.  And we love the cloud – we can work anywhere with it.

What lessons did you learn during this process? We learned that you may go as far down the rabbit hole with all of this as you want to go.  We learned that no matter what resources you consistently use as your core setup , the need to create improved efficiencies in your work flow and operations never goes away, and there will always be challenges unique to the specific project your working on.

What went right and wrong with the release? Well, what went right for us is that we are being seen in the app store, and we are also moving units. What went wrong. Our initial release did not coincide with a strategic marketing campaign.  For the future, we strive to have marketing happen concurrently with the application development process. It's a dynamic process for us.

77105_592251257511492_457084662_nWho is on the team and what are your roles? There are 2 Franks on our team, Frank Squared.Been hanging around together over half our lives.One Frank is literally our programming side, and I am the UI guy.  We both share responsibilities with marketing and website work.  It's a small operation, so we wear multiple hats.

What were you doing prior to creating Posture Aware Frank, our software guy, has been developing software for 20 years.  I've made my living as a musician and a DJ.  I am also a licensed Physical Therapist.  I have a love for graphics and UI design, and working with the other Frank has allowed me an opportunity to explore this passion in depth.

What other apps inspire you? Silly Piano, another Center Road Software creation. Bike Tracks, as we are passionate mountain bikers. Ski Tracks – and also passionate snowboarders. Then there is Flipboard, the virtual magazine for your news.

Head over to the App Store and download Posture Aware! 

Hey app devs!  Wanna be featured like our friends at Posture AwareClick Here.


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