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Stories Behind the Apps

Stories Behind the Apps – Socializer

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Hello creators of Socializer – tell us about your app.  The idea behind our app is to simultaneously post to unlimited App.net, Twitter & Facebook (pages & timeline) accounts without ever leaving one application. In times of a growing number of social media services and the growing usage we needed a way to post at the same time to all services. That's why we thought about creating an app that can do this. We mixed in some great features like a counter, groups and drafts and called it Socializer.


Reggie Ashworth, co-creator of Socializer

Who is behind the app? Basically our team consists of two people. Reggie Ashworth is the developer behind this piece of software with many years of coding experience. He coded the whole app, all functions and connections to the social services from the ground up. Sebastian Tischer is the marketing specialist behind Socializer. He has an Bachelor of Arts in Marketing and soon to be Master of Arts in online, social media and inter-cultural marketing. Furthermore he is responsible for design, concept and Web Design. 

Sebastian Tischer, co-creator of Socializer

How is your app different from similar apps or competitors? Our app is designed to pay attention to the small details you need when you are posting to multiple services on a daily basis. Socializer helps you do this easily and conveniently with as few taps possible. For example, we support custom groups to put your favorite accounts in order to post faster to selected and specific accounts.

iTunesArtworkHow did you design your App UI and App icon?  The UI/icon was designed using Photoshop, coffee and much love.

What processes and/or people inspired or assisted you in creating the App? We are inspired by the need of people using multiple services like Twitter, App.net and Facebook simultaneously. Based on that our family supported us as well as friends and beta testers.

What lessons did you learn building your app?  Without a plan you are screwed and Photoshop is not as easy as it looks.

01What went right and wrong with the final development and app release?  Right: We were approved right in the first round. The release went smoothly and people liked the app.

Wrong: We thought the initial push would be bigger and people would recognize the app more.

What were you doing before you created this app?  Reggie is a independent developer whose apps you can find here: https://www.reggieashworth.com Sebastian is finishing his studies and works as a marketing consultant.

What are some of your favorite apps?  Our favorite apps are all apps from the Omnigroup as well as Postbox for mail, Tweetbot and Podio for our project management.

Head over to the App Store and download Socializer.

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