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Stories Behind the Apps

Powerslyde Profiles – Stories Behind The Apps: KidsEmail.org


Hi Brittany – Tell us about the app and service. KidsEmail.org has an app available to provide kids with safe email. Kids can now have a safe e-mail account while allowing parents to be aware of any correspondence their children send and receive. Our app even has a GPS tracker as well as the ability to track text messages.

Tell us about the team behind the app. Jacob Andersen is the CEO of KidsEmail.org, he is the master and brain behind brittany.teamthe concept. Jake works hard to keep the site functioning and on continued improvements. Did I mention, he's a pretty awesome boss! The concept and idea of Kids Email was created in conjunction with My Kids Browser that Jacob Andersen had created in 2006. My Kids Browser is a web browser that allows parents to let their children use internet in a safe environment. As Jacob did more research and from feedback from parents, he decided that an e-mail service for kids would be very beneficial. Jacob launched Kids Email in 2009. Brittany Oler is the Director of KidsEmail.org she is busy making sure things are running smooth in the office. She's in charge of Social Media, Accounting and Marketing. Leo Landau is in charge of Developing, he is amazing and works hard to help with the change and growth of our app. Kallie Oler and Heather Bowcutt are both Assistants. Both ladies help with conventions, help with blog posts, newsletters and any additional help as needed. We have a pretty sweet team, and all get along great! 

How is your app different from similar apps or competitors? KidsEmail.org app is an app that younger and older children can use. The app can actually grow with the child, as our app allows kids to not only draw and send pictures but type out an e-mail as well. We run Kids Email out of a small office. We are an effective and small team who is continually working to improve user experience and develop new apps. Everyday we are excited at our continually growth. Parents have been so grateful to find our service. We have parents reaching out to us to thank us for providing a platform for their kids to be online but be safe. Our users love us, and we have a great following!

How did you design your icon and app UI? We wanted an interface that was kid friendly and easy to use. Our app icon is very simple, just that of an e-mail. We want to make things simple and fun for kids.

brittany.kidsemail3233So what went right and wrong with the final development release?  As with any release there are always changes or improvements that need to be made. As we get customer feedback and continue testing we are continually looking for ways to improve our app.

What were you doing before you created Kids Email?  Jake worked for a company in Salt Lake City as an Integration Specialist. Brittany worked for a large company in Salt Lake City, running a call center. 

What are some of your favorite apps? Because we are always connected socially, I love using the Facebook and Twitter apps. My Fitness Pal is great for when I'm trying to get back on track. We also use Dropbox and gotta have my Dots and Candy Crush if I ever get downtime 🙂

Head over to KidsEmail to download and sign-up now!

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