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Stories Behind the Apps

Stories Behind the Apps: Rhythm – Colors in Motion

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Tell us about your app. Rhythm – Colors in Motion is a twitch game with a relaxing soundtrack. In Rhythm, balls of various colors will fall from the top and you have to catch it with the rectangle of respective color. You can swipe to move the rectangles.

How is Rhythm-Colors in Motion different from similar apps?  With its easy to pickup mechanics, soothing soundtrack, and fast paced gameplay, we feel that Rhythm provides a unique and engrossing 'just one more time' gameplay.


How were the UI and logo created? As the game in itself is simplistic but with a twitch element, it was important to keep the art-style minimal and flat, colorful and easy on the eye. Initially, we had gone with a dark grey background, but experimenting with a white background made us realise that the colors were standing out more and the entire look of the game had a soothing feel to it, coupled with the music.

UI comprises of flat buttons, with a smooth flat shadow to give it depth. We have used various colors for the buttons as well, to keep the colorful feel of the game consistent throughout. 

iconMaking the app icon for this game was actually more difficult that it seemed at the time. We made over 20 different icons over a span of 2 weeks. The main target was to keep the icon clean, minimal and colourful, without over-crowding it. Also, it was important for the icon to have a bit of depth to it. Finally, after several iterations we managed to make a clean looking icon and incorporate all of the game's colors as well. All the design work was done using Illustrator and Photoshop.

What tools assisted you in creating the app? We used Unity3D engine and its suite of assets, like Playmaker, to make this game. Unity forums were also a big help while trouble shooting. 

screenshot3What lessons did you learn creating the app?  The biggest learning was to realise that with the current state of game development tools, like Unity, and the ecosystem around such tools, means there is no reason to reinvent the wheel of developing a complete game from scratch. So for our future games, we will be leveraging on Unity engine and its Asset store to get our development a leg up

What went right and wrong with the release? The development process was a learning experience for us, as this was our first large Unity game. Still we are happy with the development cycle of 6 weeks. Apart from the development taking longer than expected, as it was our first project, the process was relatively smooth.

Who created the app and what are your roles? We have a team of 8 people. The team consists of Abhinav Sarangi and Karan Khairajani as Co-Founders, both of whom do a little bit of everything, programming, game design, art and marketing. Siddhesh, a team member, leads the Tech team, while another team member, Manu leads the Art team of 4 people.

tea2mWhat were you doing before Rhythm-Colors in MotionBoth Karan and Abhinav come from a background of game design and development. We were both pursuing independent opportunities, Karan used to run an online Fantasy Football League, while Abhinav was consulting game development companies on monetization and game design. 
What are some of your favorite apps? We are inspired by beautiful and innovative games, our current favourites include Monument Valley and Blek.
Head over to the App Store to download Rhythm – Colors in Motion
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