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Stories Behind the Apps

Stories Behind the Apps: Blokkology


Tell us about your app! Blokkology is a lateral thinking boardgame-type puzzle app. You have to reach the target square in the number of moves provided. It's like chess but with less rules to remember.


How is Blokkology different from similar apps?  The basic premise of Blokkology is unique. Because it's such a simple concept the potential for future variants is big. People seem to like it and I'm getting great reports about how addictive it is. I think it appeals to so many people because of the simplicity. The reason it's so basic is partly due to it being my first experience with game programming too.

Blokkology_BWhat went into the design and UI?  I used Adobe Photoshop CS5 for all the graphics in the game. I wanted a simple and easily recognisable icon so I went for the 'B' in a block style script.

What tools did you use in building the app? The Unity3d forums are very helpful. You can usually find a solution to any problem with persistent Googling. I had to do a lot of research as a lot of this was new to me.

What went right and wrong with the release? I learned so much. Most importantly about how Unityscript ties in with the Unity engine to help create a living, breathing game. I found it difficult to cater to all the different screen sizes and resolutions. My first release worked perfectly on most modern phones but things like font size was far to big on some older devices. I managed to find a piece of code that would autmatically resize depending on the device.


Who is on the team and what are your roles? Just me. I decided to see if I could build a game using Unity3d about 6 months ago. I had no experience with Javascript before so I just learned from scratch. I do pretty much everything from graphics to music to launch. It's pretty good being the boss but it also means you don't have anyone else to blame when things go wrong!

Kevin O'Shea

Kevin O’Shea – creator of Blokkology

What were you doing prior to creating BlokkologyI actually play music for a living. Plus I have a website www.kevoshea.com where I do tutorials and online lessons.

What other apps inspire you? Well simple apps like battery savers can be a life saver sometimes. You don't realise all the unnecessary background activity going on on your phone half the time. I really like the Soundcloud app as it allows me to catch up on radio shows that I might have missed so you get only the good stuff with no adverts! Tapatalk is a great app for browsing forums too.

Head over to iTunes or Google Play to download Blokkology!

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