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Stories Behind the Apps

Powerslyde Profiles – Stories Behind The Apps: Pets in Pants


Omri, this app looks fun, tell us about it.  My app is called ‘Pets in Pants’ published by Picpocket Books in the USA.  It’s a fun and wacky app featuring some great characters wearing some crazy underwear when their owners backs are turned.

Who built the app?  I am the writer and creator of all the text, images and animation cells.   Picpocket Books created all the programming, narration and sound effects.  Some additional sound effects were produced by my wife who is a voice actor and I did a couple of the animal sounds.


Omri Stephenson – creator of Pets in Pants

How is Pets in Pants different from other app books?  My app is an interactive version of my picture book Pets in Pants (published by Indepenpress) aimed at ages 2-6.  It has the option of reading to the child or they can read it themselves, as well as interact with the characters and elements on each page that are animated and make great sounds.  There’s also a groovy soundtrack on repeat which hopefully goes with the slightly retro look of the images.
Who created the icon and UI? I designed the logo in Photoshop while the interface was part designed by myself in Photoshop and made interactive by Picpocket Books.

PIP App icon

What tools assisted you in creating the app?  I created all the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, using Illustrator to create the backgrounds and charecters and Photoshop for detail and layering.  The people at Picpocket Book, based in Washington DC did all the programming and interactivity as well as the narration and soundtrack.

What did you learn building this app?  When I started the production, I had planned on the process taking about 3 weeks, and was told this by the developer, but it ended up taking quite a lot longer as there was a lot of content, i.e. many animations cells of the pets and other elements.  Also the creation of the different cells was time consuming, as was choosing sounds and narration.

What went right and wrong with the development and release? In the end, I was happy with the overall look of the app, the narration and soundtrack.  I also liked the interactivity but would have liked the animation to be interpolated smoothly – hopefully in the next version!

PIP_HamsterWhat were you doing before creating Pets in PantsI have been working as a freelance illustrator and designer in London UK, running a small agency called OGS Designs for over 15 years creating artwork, graphics and animation for publishing, promotional projects and the web.  Before that, I worked in computer games and production companies in London, UK.  As a young boy I’ve been passionate about cartoons and animation and later studied computer imaging and animation in London producing short films using 3D Studio Max.  Lynette Matke CEO of Picpocket books has been working in childrens apps for over 4 years and has close ties with a number of leading childrens interactive web developers.

What are some apps you can't live without? I think Shazam is a work of musical discovery  genius and I love the Real Guitar app for iPhone, which sounds fantastic. I also love the app for Flying Books who have recently published some of my picture book titles. It allows you to create your own narration – and even your own book!  

Head over to the App Store to download Pets in Pants for iPhone or iPad.

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