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There are millions of mobile apps in the app store. How do you discover the right ones for you? Powerslyde helps you find the right apps for you with a little help from your friends. Receive personal app recommendations, automatically see when your friends add new apps, and share apps with your friends with one swipe.

Stories Behind the Apps

Discovering Great Apps for New Mobile Devices is Easy & Fun

appgiftIt was about two years ago this time the idea for powerslyde was born. There was a need after the holidays for the kids around us to have the ability to easily discover and share the apps their friends were playing on the devices around them. Now here we are after the holidays, many with App Store gift cards in hand or new mobile devices – wondering which apps to download and fill up those gigabytes.

This holiday season we are thrilled to have a solution to help sort through all the choices in finding the perfect apps for you. In the past year we have released powerslyde for iOS & Android devices and discovered a global community of like-minded folks who love to find & share great apps. Join us by downloading powerslyde for free today to discover what apps your friends have on their devices, share powerslyde with them so they can see your apps and start sharing apps easily with the slyde of a finger.

Here are a few quick tips getting started with powerslyde:

  • Invite New Friends – Get your friends and family quickly sharing apps by simply sharing the powerslyde app with them via email, your contacts or Facebook.
  • Create a Collection – Tapping on the ‘Collections’ menu allows you to create custom collections of your favorite apps to easily share to one person or a group of people with one easy action.
  • Sharing – Simply share a single app or collections of apps. Tap on the green share arrow in the top right corner, or on Share in the Nav panel to begin. Share apps to your powerslyde friends, your Facebook friends, your contacts, or by email. Hold the app icon for a moment, when the vortex appears just give the app a little slyde up and that is it Shared! You can do the same with a collection of apps by holding the collection, waiting for the apps to stack and then slyde and share.
  • Make Any App Private – While viewing the Apps screen, you can place your finger on the app icon and slide it to the right, you can lock or unlock the app so that is either visible or invisible to others.
  • Follow Friends – On top of the home screen there is a powerful search field, where you can type a full or partial name, letter, email and search for fellow powerslyde users. Take the time to follow others and see what great apps you may not own. We have found some of our favorite apps this way, and they didn't make it to the top of any charts.
  • Complete Your Profile – Add a photo, we’d love to see you!
  • Follow Ken and I – Search for us. We love having our powerslyde friends look at our apps, see who we follow, and discover great new apps.

We are thankful to all of you who continue on this journey with us. In the New Year we continue to focus on the people we are grateful for and are excited about the many incredible things to come in 2014.

We hope that you had a great holiday season and wish you an outstanding 2014.

Best Wishes,
Brett and Ken

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