Discover & Share Great Apps

There are millions of mobile apps in the app store. How do you discover the right ones for you? Powerslyde helps you find the right apps for you with a little help from your friends. Receive personal app recommendations, automatically see when your friends add new apps, and share apps with your friends with one swipe.


Getting Started – Suggest a Feature or Report an Issue

  • First set up your profile and decide if you want to start with a private or public account. Public accounts allow anyone in the Powerslyde network to follow you. If you would prefer to approve follower requests, choose a private account.

    Navigation screen > Profile > Edit

  • Powerslyde lets you control what apps of yours people can see, as well as who can follow you.

    To hide individual apps, lock them in your apps list by sliding the app to the right.

    Navigation screen > Apps > Powerslyde Apps

    To control who can follow you, set your profile to private. You will be notified of any requests to follow you for approval.

    Navigation screen > Profile > Edit > Public profile

  • Your home screen will notify you whenever friends download new apps or friends recommend apps to you
  • Your navigation screen will notify you when you have new followers and when people accept your follow request or request to follow you. (Requests are for people with private accounts only, public accounts automatically accept follow requests.)
  • You can change your profile settings at any time by navigating to the profile screen

    Navigation screen > Profile > Edit > Public Profile

    On the profile screen, slide the button on Public Profile to the lock setting. With your profile set to private, any new follow requests will need to be approved by you before users can see your apps.

  • There are 2 ways to sign up, email or Facebook.

    Email: Make sure the password is at least 7 characters long and includes 1 special character.

Following Members – Suggest a Feature or Report an Issue

  • Powerslyde helps you discover and share apps with the help of your friends. Start by adding friends via your contact list, Facebook, or searching by username by tapping the search box from the top of the home screen.
    Navigation screen > Home > Search for username or email.
  • If you request to follow someone and they don’t show up in your friends list, they must have a private account with a follow request pending. You will receive a notification when they accept your follow request.
  • Your friend may have registered with Powerslyde on a different email address. If you know their username, you can search by username by tapping the search box from the top of your home screen.

Finding and Sharing Apps – Suggest a Feature or Report an Issue

  • Your home screen will automatically notify you when people you follow add new apps. You can also view your friends’ profiles to see their applications. When viewing a friend’s apps, you can also select “different” to see only apps they have that you currently do not.
    Navigation Screen > Profile > Following > Choose Friend > Apps > Different
  • Sharing apps with friends is easy, even if you have friends who aren’t yet signed up for Powerslyde. Tap the green Share arrow from your Navigation screen, or anytime you see it in the top right hand corner of the app. Choose from Powerslyde, Email, Address or Facebook.

    1. Select a friend.
    2. Tap the app you want to share. You’ll see a target zone appear at the top.
    3. Slide the app into the target.
    4. Click “Done” when you are finished!

    Navigation Screen > Share > Choose Friend > Share

  • A collection is a group of apps that you create for easy sharing. To create collections:

    1. Tap Create new collection
    2. Name your collection
    3. Tap the apps you want to add
    4. Click “Done” when you are finished

    Navigation Screen > Collections > Create New Collection

  • Navigate to your friend’s profile page and click the icon labeled Apps. You will see a list of all of the apps they are sharing on Powerslyde, and you can slide the bar to “Different” to find the apps that are not currently on your device. You can then tap on an app in the list, view the description and screen shots of that app, and then proceed to download the app by tapping the button showing the price of the app.
  • Powerslyde currently detects most IOS applications. We are working hard to increase that. To let us know about apps that are missing, use the “Report an Issue” feature inside of the Help screen.
  • They have a private profile, meaning they want to approve new followers. Once they accept your request, you will receive a notification in your navigation screen.
  • A message will be posted to your wall and your friend’s walls, that will read as follows:
    Brett Bauer shared the app Zinio using Powerslyde — with Ken Robinson
  • Group sharing makes it easy to share apps with multiple people at once. This is great if you are looking to quickly spread the word about your favorite apps. $1.99 one time unlocks this feature permanently.