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Stories Behind the Apps

Carcapp – Carcassonne Scoreboard

Editors Note:  Carcassonne is a board game where players lay tiles to determine layout and develop many variants for unique game play.  It is set in the southern French city of Carcassonne which is famous for its unique Roman and Medieval fortifications. The players develop the area around Carcassonne and deploy their followers on the roads, in the cities, in the cloisters, and in the fields. The skill of the players to develop the area will determine who is victorious.

In this Edition of Stories Behind the Apps, we are speaking with Ben Goevaerts regarding their new app, Carcapp.  Hi Ben, please tell us about your app, Carcapp! 

iPad Air Black & White Landscape copy

Carcapp is a very simple app to guide you while playing the classic board game Carcassonne. The game includes a complicated scoring system.  Scoring is a  challenge in that you need to manually count and track the points you receive, it detracts from gameplay.  This is where Carcapp comes in.  It's a simple scoring system where you can select a color, enter the names of the players and add points whenever needed. We're currently planning to expand Carcapp with more features that work great with Carcassonne expansions.

Please describe what Carcapp is and why it’s different from similar apps or competitors?

Other app’s use the standard iOS design which was not intended for Board Games.  Carcapp has a custom design that matches perfectly with the original game style.

Where did the inspiration for the design of the Carcapp icon and user interface come from?

iTunesArtwork@2x copy

The inspiration for design and the app icon came from the box of the board game and manual, while the real inspiration for Carcapp was Carcassonne itself.  Personally, I enjoy the game very much because it’s played with many variations and aspects. The tactics used when playing with two people are very different than when playing with three to six people. There is one way to play the game, as can use different tactics with different players.  It gets really fun when you are playing with a new player – you need to get to know him as a player and then adapt your own tactics. You have the option of adding many different expansions and the game can be played with many more players.  The ability to expand the game and play with many people makes it impossible to get boring! I always try new expansions with friends, which is why we will soon update the app to support more of those expansions.

What software development tools were particularly helpful in creating Carcapp?

Photoshop for the design work and Xcode for coding.

Did you learn any lessons while using them?

The development tools worked great! We had no issues.

Was there anything that went right or wrong with development and release?

Carcapp is a very basic app so everything went quite well. First we completed the design, and then we did the development work.  We submitted it to iTunes and Apple released it. It is a paid app, (USD $0.99), and very quickly we had about 150 people who have downloaded it.  We are already planning updates as some of our users are already requesting them!

Who is on the team and what are your roles?

ONAIR 4 copy

Ben Goevaerts

We are a small team.  Currently, there are two of us, Pieter Baeyens, who is our Designer and myself, Ben Goevaerts – iOS developer, idea guy and marketer.

What were you and Pieter doing before you doing in life and work before you started building Carcapp?

Pieter is a student studying graphic design.  I have been doing freelance iOS development work.  In my spare time I love to make apps for myself.

What are some apps you can’t live without or that inspire you?

The actual Carcassonne App where you actually play the game is amazing. It's design, gameplay and UX is perfect. I wish every app were like that.

Carcassonne is currently available in iOS only – (sorry Android fans), it is currently available in iTunes, available for download.

If you love Carcassonne and want to simplify scoring for you game play, check it out and download it from iTunes.

Goodbye 2014. Hello New Year!


On the eve of the New Year, we quickly reflect on where we are as a mobile start-up that began this journey with you sharing and discovering new apps with our iOS and Android app powerslyde. As the industry, app development and distribution evolve – so do we.

Meeting so many indie app developers of every app type and the amazing array of big app publishers across the globe at conferences in the last year has strengthened our understanding and ability to deliver very unique solutions that are built on the power to share and discover apps.

We want to thank all of our content partners in spreading the word and sharing our Stories Behind the Apps feature, which we continue to grow and offer for free to app devs. As the New Year kicks off look for many of the original Story features to be re-run for the first time.

As we look towards 2015, we know that supporting developers in acquiring new users, monetizing and understand how their app has impact on a user's device can only be built on a platform of trust and most impotrantly for all involved – clarity. 

Happy New Year!

Powerslyde for Android is Live


On Monday we quietly released powerslyde 1.0 for Android devices on the Google Play store. You can head here to download it for free. After being out for four months for iOS on the App Store, our plans to make sure mobile device users on all the biggest platforms had the same opportunity to discover and share great apps with their friends and family are being realized.

According to a report by Juniper Research more than 160 billion apps will be downloaded for smartphones and tablets in 2017. That's more than double the estimated 80 billion for 2013. This will undoubtedly ratchet up the pressure for app developers to get their apps discovered and presented to the right audience, as well as make choices for consumers to find the right apps more burdensome.

Today over 40% of mobile device owners discover new apps through word of mouth. With 20 billion apps download this year on the App Store alone, that's 8 billion app referrals perhaps written on a napkin, mentioned at a party or through a friend showing their latest favorite on a transit ride.  We have a more efficient way to share and discover what apps your friends and family use, the social way through powerslyde.

Word Of Mouth Key For New App Discovery

Word_of_mouthBanner Managed Communications points to a recent study conducted by Forrester Research that shows over 40% of mobile device owners discover new apps through word of mouth, while six in ten find new applications via app stores.

Nearly a quarter of smartphone users said they find apps though search engines and just over 15% discover apps on social networks like Facebook. Recommendations through word of mouth between friends and family is the second most common way to find new apps, right after browsing “Top Rated” apps.

Even if developers manage to crack the Apple App Store ranking algorithm, they still have to provide an extraordinary experience to keep their application in the top 50 or top 100 apps, said Thomas Husson, author of the ‘Mobile App Discovery, Best Practices To Promote Your App’ report. He added that push notifications and advanced analytics are essential to maintain the quality of the application.

The report further discovered that mobile app usage in Europe is growing fast and nearly a third of smartphone owners use them daily, while a fifth use apps weekly.

What really matters is making a good application to get recommendations and reach the app charts, not only pouring effort into marketing, Forrester says. Keeping users engaged to recommend an application means having a great app in the first place, not just great app advertising.