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Stories Behind the Apps

The Stories That Apps Tell

Here at Mobilebeat 2013 there are alot of mobile analytics, ads and data companies touting some fantastic products and services to help app developers. One thing that has become clear is that noone is providing the unique insights into apps and how they are influenced by the presence of other apps on a person's mobile device, as powerslyde does.

As part of Mobilebeat, we have released three new Appclouds around popular news apps, cloud storage apps and movie apps. Click on any of the images to go to the dynamic infographic and learn what insights powerslyde reveals.

CNN vs. BBC vs. NY Times

Infographic: iOS News Apps: Which is Your Trusted Source? | Infogram


Dropbox vs. Google Drive

Infographic: iOS Storage Wars: Dropbox vs Google Drive | Infogram

Fandango vs. Movies by Flixster





MobileBeat 2013

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.05.46 PM

Powerslyde is a sponsor of MobileBeat 2013 tomorrow July 9 and Wednesday July 10 in San Francisco. MobileBeat is VentureBeat’s sixth annual flagship conference on the future of mobile. powerslyde CEO and co-founder, Brett Bauer will be moderating a roundtable luncheon discussion, App Discovery – Helping Consumers & Developers Find Their Way.

"Who is claiming the eyeballs and wallets by providing the best Mobile Experience, and what steps are they taking? How are the top brands in the world keeping up with this shift and who are they working with? Which upcoming releases and trends will help you make your design even sleeker, your technology stacks even faster, and your revenue streams even safer? Find out along side 500+ executives during two days of high-level discussions, breakouts, exclusive announcements, and networking sessions."

Powerslyde will be showing off beta version of the upcoming Android release, announcing our weekly recommended apps partnership with 148 Apps and talking about the new and unique insights we have started revealing around our Appcloud data and how apps are influenced by the presence of other apps. Have a peek at two new infographics revealing information around Top iOS New Apps and Leaders in Weight Loss iOS Apps.

Stop by the Palace Hotel in San Francisco this week and say hi!

iOS News Apps Which is Your

Let’s Talk About a Couple of iOS Weather Apps

As millions of Americans head out for Fourth of July activities, the common ritual of checking the weather gains a bit more signifigance. Getting prepared for whatever mother nature has to offer for the day has switched from newspapers to television to the desktop PC and now mobile devices. After using games on mobile devices, checking the weather is the next most popular activity.

We take a look below in our custom AppCloud at the top fifty most influential apps that are most likely to appear on an iOS user's mobile device alongside the weather app. Click on the image below and select between The Weather Channel and MyRadar Weather Radar to see the differences.


A couple of interesting takeaways on the differences between the app users. 

The Weather Channel app users are more likely to be:

  • Skype users
  • AT&T customers
  • Groupon supporters

MyRadar Weather Radar app users are more likely to:

  • also use The Weather Channel app
  • use big retail brand apps like Walgreens and Target
  • use more utilities like Flashlight and iLevel

Let us know your favorite iOS weather app – and keep coming back as we release our Android version and start to reveal some unique and interesting differences between device users.



Spotify vs. Pandora: Tale of the Tape

spotify vs pandoraBeginning with last week's "Your iOS eReader App and You" , powerslyde is going to take a weekly look at how some of the most popular apps are used and influenced by the presence of other apps on mobile devices.

This week's match-up features the two music service heavyweights on iOS, Spotify and Pandora. The tale of the tape as it applies to these favorite apps is the story of what other apps the owners of these are most likely to also have on their devices.

A couple of the top level trends indicate that Pandora owners are more likely to have the upstart challenger iHeartRadio and Spotify listeners are far more likely to be users of the Chrome web browser.

Click on the image below and then select Spotify or Pandora to view the top 25 most influential apps, from bigger to smaller that are most likely to appear.

infographic spotify vs. pandora(2) - Edited

Stop by next week when we have a look at a couple of the most popular weather apps on iOS.