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There are millions of mobile apps in the app store. How do you discover the right ones for you? Powerslyde helps you find the right apps for you with a little help from your friends. Receive personal app recommendations, automatically see when your friends add new apps, and share apps with your friends with one swipe.


Welcome Appfluencer!

As someone who has been identified as very influential when it comes to mobile applications and devices, you have been invited to participate as one of the first and original powerslyde 'Appfluencers'.

What does this mean?

Whether you are a member of the technorati, a gamer, a teacher, a developer, an atlhete, a mom, a dad, a celebrity, or just have a passion for and love mobile apps – being an Appfluencer gives you a platform to broaden your presence in a unique social way. 

As an Appfluencer – your using, sharing, and curating of great apps is going to have a tremedous impact on the most powerful way to discover new apps- real recommendations from real people.

We have sent out the call for our founding Appfluencers to fill in the info below to be notified when this new feature is available in powerslyde.

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